Steve Cushing Impresionist Fine Art Photography

Steve Cushing Impresionist Fine Art Photography

Embracing imperfection, recording emotions, one impression at a time…


Since Roman times, the village of Hérépian, Erépio in Occitan, was established along the lines of communication is perpendicular west and north-south. Crossing point, he connected the mountains to the sea and large cities and allowing the circulation of merchandise. Thanks to the presence of water of the Orb, the Mare and Pourquié Rieu, Hérépian has developed gardens that greatly contributed to its fame and its development.

Hérépian is classified as a town of arts and crafts. It is historically known as a centre of the silver trade, and this is thought to be the main reason for the development of the town in the 13th century. Although they closed long ago, the locality housed both zinc and silver mines.

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