Steve Cushing Impresionist Fine Art Photography

Steve Cushing Impresionist Fine Art Photography

Embracing imperfection, recording emotions, one impression at a time…

Will-Wetzlar AV 90

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The Lens details of a series of images taken by Steve Cushing on mirrorless camera.

Fitting has no mount and has a 42mm Flange Distance - this lens will fit and achieve focus to infinity mirrorless cameras but not on DSLRs.

Lens History

Will was an optics maker in Wetzlar, Germany. Among other products were some camera optics. Better known were its Wilon enlarger lenses and its "Maginon" projector lenses.

These images are taken with another weird adaptation of a lens for projecting slides. It was obtained in a box of old slide projector parts for a few centimes.

Lens In Use

  • Optical design: 3 elements in 3 Groups (Cooke Triplet).
  • No filter mount.
  • No aperture.
  • No helicoid.
  • Plastic barrel.
  • Has a sunshade built into lens.


I am surprisingly impressed with this lens. Technically, it is kind of a rubbish lens, being very low contrast, and a bit hazy... but the bokeh is beautiful, is very cheap and it actually resolves reasonablish detail across the frame.

You can pick them up for next to nothing, and if you can create an adapter setup for projection lenses, it's a no brainer.

For general information on lens design and lens elements go to the homepage HERE


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