Steve Cushing Impresionist Fine Art Photography

Steve Cushing Impresionist Fine Art Photography

Embracing imperfection, recording emotions, one impression at a time…

Gorges d'Heric

Over many eons, the river Heric carved Gorges d'Heric, deep natural grooves with unusual rock formations and waterfalls. The grooves run through scenic mountains, plateaus, and valleys. The most famous features include the Abyss of Cherry, The Minarets, and The Cascade of Cherry. The cliffs are popular among climbers and hikers, as well as those who are fascinated by unusual natural features created in path by giants according to folk law.

Cébenna and Réa were in fact the last two giants, descendants of the Titans, and they were still alive living in this area. They were the only giants in the whole world to have survived. As they went along, hand in hand and very aware of the beauty of the natural world, they developed a special fondness for a plateau and a mountain, a place from which they could see the sea. But Zeus on Mount Olympus was impatient to hand the world over to Men and repeatedly cried "May the Giants die!" and, in the end, the Earth gave in to his wishes. One especially lovely sunny evening, Cébenna stretched out on the mountain while Réa was climbing up the bed of the Héric brook. Suddenly, Cébenna was surprised to feel the rock going soft. She was afraid and, despite trying to jump up quickly, she was covered by the stone and couldn’t move. Then, in one last effort, she threw her head backwards and gave a cry of despair. The tears that poured from her eyes fell, drop by drop, into the waters. Hearing Cébenna’s cry, Réa tried to leap towards her. But his feet sank and were swallowed up in the torrent. He fell to his knees as his hands stuck to the rocky walls of the gorge. As he struggled to escape, he sank in up to his shoulders and the rock, which had turned to glue, took the form of his head and stifled his last cries while the brook roared noisily down the hill.

That is why the body and face of Cébenna, the ill-fated daughter of the Titans, can be seen forever outlined in the rocks at the summit like some stone effigy on a tomb."

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